Facebook – Type with your brain and hear with your skin

Facebook – Type with your brain and hear with your skin

At the 2017 F8 Facebook developers conference held on April 19th, 2017, facebook’s Regina Dugal, former head of DARPA announced, they are working on a brain computer interface, that can process brain signals and transmit to devices that can type what you think. The goal is to type 100 wpm (words per minute). She also announced that Facebook’s building 8 (who she heads) is also working on technology that will help people to hear with their skin.
Hearing through skin enable people to sense what is said through sensors on skin and understand the message.

Type with your brain
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Facebook also announced their future plans on providing broadband using Aquila solar powered drone in stratosphere.


VR Surround 360









The most interesting announcement was on the new 360 surround cameras for VR which can sense depth. The x24 and x16 cameras will enable the VR viewers to move through the picture without the camera actually moving. The cameras are to be open sourced on github. Watch the complete keynote video on facebook by clicking here.