World’s most secure smartphone – PRIVAT

World’s most secure smartphone – PRIVAT

Worlds most secure smartphone privat

Privat is arguably the world’s most secure smartphone. Privat claims to have developed a smartphone which will provide you with not only software security but hardware security as well. No need to worry about prying eyes and hackers who can spy on you using your smartphone.

The current smartphones are vulnerable to spying either by accessing your photos & files by apps installed on the phone, tracking your location by enabling GPS, accessing your camera and also spying on you through your smartphones microphone.

Considering the number of applications or apps that are installed on your phone these apps can also spy on you since you have provide access to most of the phone features such as camera, location, microphone etc.

There are secure smartphone that are available in the market which provide encrypted communication and files, but Privat provides security with new hardware design which isolates the modules the different modules on the phone such as camera, microphone, gps from the main board of the phone.

Privat’s new patented anti-hacking system based on hardware allows to capture and save photo and video files isolated from rest of the smartphone, avoiding the possibility that by permissions granted to apps the files end up in cloud without the user wanting to save it in cloud.

Worlds most secure smartphone

Switch Modes:

The phone comes with a mode switch button on the side, which allows user to switch between 3 modes:

1. Private Camera Mode – The camera is activated. The camera main board has its own processor, os and storage. Photos and videos taken in this mode are stored in an isolated and protected hardware environment.

2. Normal Mode – Phone works as a normal phone. Smartphone main board is activated.

3. Secure Mode – The camera and microphone are physically disconnected so that no spyware can turn on the camera or microphone.

It also has a GPS switch similar to the mode switch which physically connects or disconnects the GPS system on the phone. This way no spyware can or software will be able to turn GPS in the background.


Although, the phone is meant to be a secure phone, it has other features as good as any other phones in the market. It runs on Android 7 and has 5.5 inches AMOLED, 1080 x 1920, corning gorilla glass 4 display, snapdragon 821 processor, 6 gb RAM and primary 21 megapixel and secondary 8 megapixel cameras. It also comes with fast charging, wireless charging with li-ion 3400 mAh battery.

The smartphone is currently on indiegogo campaign. Please find the link below to back it on Here is the link to campaign.

It is available for $450 on the campaign website; however, as a special discount to readers you can buy it at discounted prize of $350. Click here or the link below to avail the discounted prize.